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Winner can chosse their payout through Paytm,GooglePay,PhonePe,etc..


Winner can chosse their payout through Paytm,GooglePay,PhonePe,etc..

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A tournament without rules and regulations cannot stand in a competitive world. Therefore, this page will be dedicated to our rules & regulations which will apply to the games that we will host. These rules have been compiled based on players’ experiences and approved by our directors & partners. It is important that you read our rules and regulations before you apply for our hosted tournaments. We reserve the right to modify the rules if new circumstances regarding a controversy come to light. Below, you can read the rules and regulations. Friends, the time has come to re-visit the ground rules for the PUBG Tournaments. It is important that all teams acknowledge and follow the rules in order for us to deliver a fair and fun tournament. A world without rules is a world of chaos and we want to build the PUBG on an orderly platform. The rules provided will serve as a guide for current and future PUBG Tournaments.

General Rules

1. By participating in our tournaments, all participants automatically agree that they vow to respect fellow participants and POOPGEN staff.
2. Do not join an official tournament lobby if you are not part of the team that is playing.Ineligible players that do join are at risk of being banned from the tournament.
3.The usage of ‘jailbroken’ or ‘rooted’ devices in tournament matches is not permitted and If there is hard evidence against a player cheating in PUBG then he will be banned from participating in future tournaments unless otherwise stated.
4. Any private discussion or complaint you have with tournament officials are to remain confidential unless otherwise stated by the POOPGEN Staff. If you believe you had a bad experience and do have a complaint to file then you can do so within 48 hours after your match has ended. It is imperative to include a detailed report along with hard evidence of what your team, clan, or organization is filing a protest for. DM in discord groups for such.
5. We reserve the right to edit the rules at any time and disqualify teams for reasons not stated in this list or take other action.
6. All participants agree that their matches may be streamed on Player Unknown and/or uploaded to YouTube. All participants have to join the official PlayerUnknown.Online chat room on Discord App. Teams that have no representative in the chat after the tournament has started may be disqualified.
7. It is prohibited to spam or use offensive messages on any of POOPGEN platforms and doing so may result in us taking punitive measures against you.
8. By participating in a PUBG tournament, you agree that we can trace your account’s IP if you are accused of sharing accounts or any other accusations of similar nature. If you are not going to be playing in your usual domain, tournament officials must be notified before a tournament match begins along with the domain’s IP address from which you will be playing the tournament match. Note, this rule applies only if you are suspected of cheating.
9. Every player is required to take a screenshot while shot has to be taken at the spawn position immediately after a round has begun. Players may be required to take additional screenshots during the match. All screenshots have to be uploaded on our Discord Server PlayerUnknown.Online in the screenshot channel in original quality within 5 minutes after the match has ended. Screenshots that are altered in any form, (such as lowered resolution) are not legitimate. You must ensure that notifications are not blocking your screenshots in any shape or form. Players that have recorded their screen are not required to take screenshots. Any screen shot received after 5 min won’t be considered valid.

10. The language for communication between team captains and between POOPGEN staff members and participants is English.
11. If a participant and/or team is caught on stream while they are playing for said stream, the team will be investigated and may be disqualified if guilty of cheating.
12. If requested by the administration, players are required to record their screen during the match. The video must be shared with us within two days. Furthermore, all players are required to record their screen in tournament matches after reaching quarter-finals, or otherwise stated phase. Players that are unable to record their screen are ineligible to play. The video must be shared with us within two days in at least 360p quality and 30 fps framerate.
13. During an on-going tournament, players are not allowed to change their in-game name. Clan Tags before in-game names are allowed to be changed. IF we found anyone changing his/her name, tag etc. He/she might be disqualified without any prior notice.
14. Team members that are aware of a fellow hacker or cheater’s actions yet failed to inform the organizer whole team will be disqualified from the tournament.
15. Ignorance of rules does not justify rule breaking. If you have questions about any rules, contact our support i.e. the members of POOPGEN


1. Only applications that are filled completely and valid are legitimate. You may send more than one application to update your list of players, team captain, or team name. Your email cannot be edited.
2. Only one team of the same organization may participate in the same tournament. To check any hacker / cheating or team ups in game. Don’t worry your rank will be considered after removing our rank.
3. The list of players cannot be changed after the start of the tournament unless you have reported your issue to our staff and we found justifiable reasons to make an exception. Even there will be no change in the timings of match.
4. Players that are participating in two different teams in the same tournament may be banned from future tournaments and their teams may be disqualified. Players can only be a part of one team per tournament.
5. Only the team captain is allowed to set up matches, choose players, apply for the tournament, and forfeit matches. Players that set up matches without the approval of their team captain may be suspended.
6. Impersonating other teams or players is not allowed.

Match Rule

1. We do not tolerate the use of cheats, hacks, or any other third-party application that gives a team an unfair advantage.
2. Teams that attempt to use players which are not in their approved roster may be disqualified.
3. All players must remain in the game’s lobby following the conclusion of each match. This allows us to view their final score on the scoreboard. Players that leave the lobby earlier and thus do not show up on the scoreboard may be suspended from on-going tournaments.
4. Once the match has started, only the players that are in the lobby at the time are eligible to play. It is not allowed to substitute players during an on-going match.
5. A match is counted as forfeit if none of the players of a team are in the lobby when the match starts, if all players of a team leave the match, and if the captain of a team forfeits the match.
6. If you leave or disconnect for any reason, you can join back but you must not join as a spectator. If a player from Team A joins the spectator mode during a round, Team A may be required to let Team B win the spectated round.
7. Account sharing may be met with disqualification.
8. In streamed matches, both teams may be required to use Discord or Skype to communicate and invite a moderator to the call.
9. You must not abuse in-game glitches that give you an unfair advantage.
10. If your match is assigned to be played during a live stream, then your team must be available at the stated time.

*Dev By luciakfer


1. Following the conclusion of a tournament, prizes will be sent within 40 days maximum unless withheld for reasons concerning potential hacking. If for any reason you do not receive your prizes following 40 days then please let us know and we will do our best to send them as soon as possible.
2. Cash prizes will be sent from PayPal registered within the United Kingdom.
3. If it was discovered that a team hacked or cheated during a tournament, they will have to abandon their championship title and refund the prizes they received in equivalent value.
4. Prize recipients are fully responsible for expenses such as corporation tax, personal tax, legal responsibilities, and currency conversion.
5. Prize recipients are fully responsible for providing the correct full names, addresses, and PayPal details.
6. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility for deciding how prizes will be divided among his team.

7. Prize recipients are required to provide their ID or a similar document that allows us to confirm their identity to be eligible for monetary prizes.
8. Prize recipients will need to sign a legally binding contract that their team has won the tournament without any cheating involved whatsoever.
9. We are not be responsible if you leader dint provide you the share in prize.
10. The cash prize will be send to leader on the information provided.
11. We won’t be responsible if you provided the wrong information.
12. The caption must mail the host at the mail id [email protected] about their winning.

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